Sunday, 1 March 2009


i havent been keeping up to date with this so some of the next few post will be from earlier events in the year.
any how secondya is about half way through its been fun so far much better than first year sides the lack of enough life drawing classes, workin on a film with a fellow student at the mo( i will post details later).

over summer we had to do a story board mine was about a yeti and jenny green teeth alas i dident finnish it but i did learn alot.

my fist project of the year was walk cycles and maya and blummin heck is maya confusing thers so meany buttons and things i dislike being at the mercy of the rig. i did okay on it but i have forgoten how to model things :(.

the walk cycles were fun i did mine in 2d nothing to flashy simple figurs, they were fun i think i did about 10 overall not counting faild atempts ha i also did some rough in flash i got a first for them so that was good :).

During this we had a project set by gene flynn then part of cosgrove hall but it shut down befor we finnished our project we finnished it ayway it was an advert for the royal mail in story bord form this was a really fun project i had to design a character and idea and draw the bord, ill upload scans of this work if i can.

i very nearly got a first for this to it was only because of it not being presented in a portfolio that i did not.

we also went to BAF this year ill upload a post on that soon.

also id like to mention an anime i have found called heroic age, now i used to be anime/ manga mad but ive matured to like lots of other things to whitch has improved my art.

but this anime named heroic age is by no meens stunning animation or story but it is fun and i think its a very good example of how music can have a big effect on the feeling of films its really epic ( i really like it)

also i have been watching samurai jack that show is brilliant for its composition and color keying and camera language it should get more recognition in the uk !
i wish you could get the dvds in the uk to.

anywas ill be back soon with a post on bradford and also the midlands anime expo laters