Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Luna character sheet

A character sheet for my final film, she dosent ware the green dress in the final film altough i wish we woulda swapped it for the purple jacket looking back :(

more on 11 second club

cool things and more reason for me to do 11 second club if you win you can get crit of pros !

11 second club

oh i wish i woulda found this earlyer i coulda done something for it as my second year project it is a online monthly compatiton where you animate to a given soundtrack and get comments and feed back on ur work i think i will do some when i have finnished my final film!


Disney talent develoupment program, and some lifedrawings

disney are doing a talent dev program paid placement for graduates i think im gonna send some stuff and see if it can bear any fruit, i meen its a long shot and im probably no where near gud enugh but its work a try, i have notaced they havent had anyone from england yet i dont think so hopeflly, hah ill try not to get my hopes up though.

heres some lifedrawings from uni lifedraing class:

how to train your dragon

This movie blew Up out of the water as the best cg movie this year and i dont think it will be toped for along long time, disney was stupid to let chris sanders go.
plus its vikings and that adds points haha !

how to train your dragon has some of the best animation i have ever seen in cgi they actualy act more than float about lifelesly, dreamworks will never be able to do better than this i think its there zenith id diddent even feel like i was watching a dreamworks film (cause they are usualy crap like shrek) but this was so exiting and fun, and when the dragons flew it really felt like they where flying (something whitch avatar faild to do) i higly reccomend this film and will be buying it on dvd, the artbook is also amazeng and i kinda whish they woldve kept the origional designs they did for the main character and the girl.

also ive read on the internet that they will be making some 2d animated shorts of this like they did with kung fu panda which i am very pleased about and cannot wait to see !.
one word sums up this film and thats epic!



This is the newest film by Hayao Miyazaki, i dont think the man could make a bad film if he tried, this film was charming and entertainng and very cute the backgrounds where less realistic than most ghibli films whitch was a nice change, there was a noticable increse in the number of frames i suspect alot of it was on ones and hardley anything was still everything whas animated it was a feast for the eyes, also the animation on the water was astouding altough ghibli are always amazeing at water animation, it is a shame that this film dident get more attention and wasent shown more at the cinema insted of like a week only at noon whtch is a rubbish time to show it.


Princess and the frog

thank christ its about time, and annnnd they are gonna do more ahhhhhh >< cant wait.

well i was gonna love it from the get go as it is tradional animation ! but it was also a great film by no meens perfect but very enjoyable i wish it wouldve got more attention because it deseved it and all the critics loved it, there was some brilliant animation on louie the crocodile character and i think my faveorite bit of animation is on a scene with dr facillier the bad guy during his main song friends on the other side http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S6yw2SmG674 , altough the whole film was brilliantly executed as i said not the best disney film but deffonatly in my top ten and the fact they have gone back to being real disney agin im happy !.
here is the trailer go buy the dvd if u seen it or havent !!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9xOPH02ozbE


i went to see up a few days after it came out, it had alot of promis and i loved the idea, I loved it form the get go very emotional set up with carl lossing his wife and then he goes on an adventre with ballons tied to his house all awsome i was loving it it lost the plot abit towards the end but all in all a good film !http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pkqzFUhGPJg


I saw this short of the gruffalo on tv at christmas and it was amazeing beutiful colours and an amazeing blend of hand mades sets and cgi animation the music is amazeing to
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yq1ddK-Rlng i have since bought it on dvd its so good and it has storybords and concept art on the extras which is great! all dvds sholuld do that. i think they should release an artbook of the film


i went to bradford animation festival in november it was pritty good, the best films i saw ther were a short called The cat piano http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uj4RBmU-PIo .
this film was great in my opinon i thought it was very well animated and the colour useage to show mood was brilliant.
the other is a beatuful film by studio aka Lost and found ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BaOqMuOTsOc )based on the childrens book by oliver jeffers, this film was very touching story about a boy and a penguin that become friends, it was a awsome film and i loved the colouring and animation ( and this is cgi people, i dont normaly go for cg, but its one of the best cgi animations ever!) the penguin was adorable and every movement it made was appealing, i also think that they maneged to translate Oliver jeffers illustrations well into cg characters i need to buy the dvd of this film.

i would also mention the film (not so) Fantastic mr fox, which was a strange film and i cannot understand why it got so much attention, 90 percent of the film the characters are bang in the center of the screen, and the characters are ugly and unappealing they look like stuffed animals with matchstick bodies, i dident even think the jokes were funny, and the typface looked like it came of microsoft words clipart it was terrible http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n2igjYFojUo

another upside to bradford animation festival was that they had a event on where prople coluld show there work, so i took along my portfolio and got some good feed back on my work mainly finnish more stuff haa i am guilty of leaving tomany drawings unfinished i was given alot of good advice and one of the animators i spoke to, spoke to me later his name was zane whittingham he gave me his contact details and his blog http://zanewhittingham.blogspot.com/2008/12/my-showreel.html he was awsome and very helpful. ( thanks zane!)

i also met a student form bradofrd uni called tordor he was cool and we swapped Deviant art adresses and also keep intouch through facebook. http://blurymind.deviantart.com/

overall bradoford was pritty good this time and i hope that they will carry on doing the portfolio workshops in the futer.

Thursday, 27 May 2010


earlier this year i went to london with uni to look at companies, i would like to mention 2 companies whitch were the most interesting we went to one was illuminated films and the other was colling woodohare, they were both very helpful and i receved good feed back on my portfoliol.

i was surprised at the amount of time they spent looking at my protfolio.

altough it was fun and helpful i relized that ther is very little traditonal 2d animation being done anymore, and the actual animation of alot of the recent shows they worked on were not brilliantly animated they were done in a stiff cut out style when full animation wouldve worked better, i worry that there is no place for me in the industry to do the kind of animation i love.