Tuesday, 1 June 2010

how to train your dragon

This movie blew Up out of the water as the best cg movie this year and i dont think it will be toped for along long time, disney was stupid to let chris sanders go.
plus its vikings and that adds points haha !

how to train your dragon has some of the best animation i have ever seen in cgi they actualy act more than float about lifelesly, dreamworks will never be able to do better than this i think its there zenith id diddent even feel like i was watching a dreamworks film (cause they are usualy crap like shrek) but this was so exiting and fun, and when the dragons flew it really felt like they where flying (something whitch avatar faild to do) i higly reccomend this film and will be buying it on dvd, the artbook is also amazeng and i kinda whish they woldve kept the origional designs they did for the main character and the girl.

also ive read on the internet that they will be making some 2d animated shorts of this like they did with kung fu panda which i am very pleased about and cannot wait to see !.
one word sums up this film and thats epic!


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