Thursday, 8 May 2008

Some sketches i did of torsors i used bruce lee as refferance, i know the bottom one aint a torso but i like the forced prespective :)

Cut Out Animation

On this project we were expected to work in a group and get sound dilolog recordings from the radio and animate the lip sync to them in cut out animation. Alas the other menbers of my group did not seem inclined to work on this prjects very much as they did not come down to the sound room when i asked them and didn't seem enthusiastic or intrested in the project. So i was forced to just go it alone. It took me along time to find soume diolog that i liked, i find find alot of diolog that i didn't really like or intend to use. Eventually i found something i liked from the radio station Rock FM, It was a Phone in show. i dope sheeted this quite quickly because i wanted to get animating after beeing stuck in a sound room for two weeks. I decided to use coloured card, the design i used was an ailen old lady because in the diolog she says 'get to mars' and i thought it would be funny. I quite njoyed cutting out the images and i may actually do a still picture with cut out card.

Doing cut out animation was quite fun although very crude, during the animation process i noticed that somthing seemed off so i took what i had animated and edited t to the sound and i didn't work. I think i had animated a word twice and i had to cut out about ten frames. the occured again later on bt i noticed in time to stop myself.

I do like the animation that i have done although i wish it was smoother but this would meen longer diolog, more frames and more time. I also dislike the way the cut out model gets more scruffy as time goes on but it inevitibul as i am moving and touching it. I try to get as much gesture and acting as well as good lip sync into the animation as my goal is to become a Character animatior.

Thursday, 17 April 2008

nick robinson

Nick Robeson of Mackinnon and Saunders (corpse bride) came and did a workshop on monday and tuesday. It was quite intense but i like that, it was best lesson i have had at uni yet probably because i got taught. It was fun doing a good model and i quite proud of the arms but the feet are rubbish and i think i could do better on the feet. I will upload charcters designs of him later maybe.

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Claire Wendling

I was looking at some comic artist recently and found Claire Wendling. I have no idea wat her storys are like but he art is ace i really like the line quality i think it has a lot of life,
also think i see a touch of egon sceile in her work
images copy right to Claire Wendling

Monday, 28 January 2008

L'Illusioniste finnished

L'Illusioniste finneshd plese ignore the rigging. I will upload some of the prelimaney work later. all 3 of us had a go at animating him.

Evaluation of the L'Illusioniste.

This is the first of the group projects which is in stop motion. There was three people in my group, me, charlotte white and Jay Townsend. We had a choice of four themes and we discussed which theme we were goanna use. We chose illusion and we came up with the idea to do an old fashioned magician. We had the magican draw a cartoon of himself and magicaly make it move paying homage to the likes of Windsor Mckay and the old animations.

We settled on my design for the charcter and we all did storyboards. I volenteared to make the arature, charlotte made the clothes, jay was ment to make the set but he didn't get round to it, so we use some brown paper and cloth. I also did the 2d animated character on 'post-it' notes.
The model making took two weeks which was a very long time i thought, i did remake the head because i didn't like the first one. The model was quite hard to make and he did fall appart a few times.

When it came to animating we only had three days to finsh it, and we managed it. All in all the animation was okay but im still not happy with the bits i did as i was rushing thorugh fear of not meeting the deadline. I think if i had time to do a few tests before starting the final film i could have done alot better, but i was qute happy with the little bit of 2d animation i did since i did it straight ahead and with a pen.

Overall im quite happy with the project but if i could do it again, it could be alot better.

Sunday, 27 January 2008

bill plympton

amazing that he did it all himself the thing with the webcam is an ingenious way to publisize and its quite funny, im not to keen on the style mind you but i apreciate it all the same, i wish i could draw a character in such few lines ><

glene kene draws tarzan

i really like the design of tarzan pluse glene kene is an awsome animator

Water fall

a student final year film from calarts i love this i hope my final year project is this good, i think the centuars design is really nice his face reminds me of an iron ha!

i found one of the girls websites her name is ammiee major ( the other girl who worked on this is called crystal chesney shes worked on curious george and other stuff i cant find her website though.

these r some of the concepts of the characters^
picures copyright to ammiee major and crystal chesney

walk cycle practice

a walk cycle practice i did a few week ago it looks better wen looped .
here is the link

Le Illusionist

in uni we have had group projects to do my first is working in a group with my girlfriend charlotte and jay we had to do a stop motion, its finnished now we managed to film it all in 3 days, these r some progress shots from when we were making the model.
i will put the film on you tube wen we have edited it.


i did a few sketches in my a5 sketchpad t'other day, i really like the guy with grey hair i wish i could come up with a story for him i will work on it i think :)

principals this is in my opinion the best of the first projects i have done at uni on the principals breif, i would write more on the subject but i have wasted a bit of time drawing and not makeing my pdp ha! welll its started now and shall try my best to keep it up.

i am not at all happy with my principals project looking back i think i will redo them as i am sure i can do much better, i will deffinatly try anticipation again,
as for my force weght and volume (tun-ga ruogh animation) the hardest part unbeliveably was the box turning i did not expect that i thought that the water would be harder alas i was wrong and i redid the box 4 times and im still not happy but deadlines will be the bane of us all heh :).

i s'pose i better write something about bradford animation festival, it was good not as good as is hoped but thats my fault for being to optimistic we saw nick park and bob godfary witch wasgood, it was interesting to see all the animations from different places and i was suprized and appaled at the amount of rotoscope (i hate rotoscope), t seems cut out is big atm aswell.

ther were some really good hand drawn nimation to woo hoo!
thats all i have to say about bradford.