Sunday, 27 January 2008

principals this is in my opinion the best of the first projects i have done at uni on the principals breif, i would write more on the subject but i have wasted a bit of time drawing and not makeing my pdp ha! welll its started now and shall try my best to keep it up.

i am not at all happy with my principals project looking back i think i will redo them as i am sure i can do much better, i will deffinatly try anticipation again,
as for my force weght and volume (tun-ga ruogh animation) the hardest part unbeliveably was the box turning i did not expect that i thought that the water would be harder alas i was wrong and i redid the box 4 times and im still not happy but deadlines will be the bane of us all heh :).

i s'pose i better write something about bradford animation festival, it was good not as good as is hoped but thats my fault for being to optimistic we saw nick park and bob godfary witch wasgood, it was interesting to see all the animations from different places and i was suprized and appaled at the amount of rotoscope (i hate rotoscope), t seems cut out is big atm aswell.

ther were some really good hand drawn nimation to woo hoo!
thats all i have to say about bradford.

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