Monday, 28 January 2008

L'Illusioniste finnished

L'Illusioniste finneshd plese ignore the rigging. I will upload some of the prelimaney work later. all 3 of us had a go at animating him.

Evaluation of the L'Illusioniste.

This is the first of the group projects which is in stop motion. There was three people in my group, me, charlotte white and Jay Townsend. We had a choice of four themes and we discussed which theme we were goanna use. We chose illusion and we came up with the idea to do an old fashioned magician. We had the magican draw a cartoon of himself and magicaly make it move paying homage to the likes of Windsor Mckay and the old animations.

We settled on my design for the charcter and we all did storyboards. I volenteared to make the arature, charlotte made the clothes, jay was ment to make the set but he didn't get round to it, so we use some brown paper and cloth. I also did the 2d animated character on 'post-it' notes.
The model making took two weeks which was a very long time i thought, i did remake the head because i didn't like the first one. The model was quite hard to make and he did fall appart a few times.

When it came to animating we only had three days to finsh it, and we managed it. All in all the animation was okay but im still not happy with the bits i did as i was rushing thorugh fear of not meeting the deadline. I think if i had time to do a few tests before starting the final film i could have done alot better, but i was qute happy with the little bit of 2d animation i did since i did it straight ahead and with a pen.

Overall im quite happy with the project but if i could do it again, it could be alot better.