Tuesday, 19 May 2009


Pritty awsome stuff my friend on deviant art Dicko17 http://dicko17.deviantart.com/ started a thing call the ongoing comic http://the-ongoing-comic.deviantart.com/ this is an awsome idea what it is , is were one artist draws the first page then a different one the second and its like an ongoing thing where each artist puts a spin on it, like the game where each of you says a word and eventualy form a story.

its gonna be ace im up and im gonna be doing page number 9 id actualy love to do more but i guess that kinda defeats the point haha ^^; cant wait to see what ill be doing hope i can do something good enugh !

oh and i had my assesment today at uni it went well, my tutors gave me an awsome compliment they said my poses were reallly good so im pleased about that.

i also talked about my final year film i had an idea about a cave man i was pritty much settled on but they prefer an earlyer idea i hade about the necropolis railway, im a little scared that it will be to long tho so i guess ill have a big think on it over summer while doing some jhon k exsorsizes, i also think that i will do the caveman thing as little news paper style comic strips and animate them in my spare time maybe.

id better evaluate my las project to so here goes.

I eas pleased with the idea and storybord i thought they flowed well and me and the person i was working with (jay) worked well togther, however i kinda wish i woulda chose a more fun character design.

also with regauds animating the project i wish i couldve got more done and also that me and jay wouldve cooporated more in the animation like we planed alas that did not happen and i think it wouldve been better had i made my own sound fx and music (if i knew how to make music) but the music i got from flash kit was good enugh and suieted the story.

i had a hard time animating such suttle things but it was fun nonetheless i am iching to do sum wacky stuff now though.

overall i think the project went okay ther is alot i am not pleased with but it flows ok and gets the stoy across fine, still ashame we couldent finnish it.

i will try and get some petal sketches up on here later and the youtube also.


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